Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tyler Perry Tapped As Alex Cross

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Tyler Perry is full of surprises. In the latest news, Madea has been tapped to succed Morgan Freeman as the new Alex Cross, the central character from the successful James Patterson book series that's resulted in two films Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls. Not even Vegas would have placed odds on that. But come this June, it will be "lights, camera, action" in I, Alex Cross, the biggest mainstream film yet for Perry.

News that Idris Elba was taking over the Alex Cross franchise from Morgan Freeman made me smile . Elba diverse roles in film and television allowed him to demonstarte the range he could portray. Elba's ability to smolder as a gangster on The Wire, deliver the laughs on The Office, elevate a light heist film like Takers and the even more
dubious Obsessed, starring BeyoncĂ©, to the top of the box office, as well as hold their own in storied summer fare like Thor, guaranteed that he was bound for the A-List. So, why does A-List status keep slipping away from Elba?

Haven't you noticed...Hollywood is not kind to black actors with high sex appeal. Being a great actor or star is one thing for a black man in Hollywood but a sex symbol is quite the other.

Elba's latest move in Pacific Rim, which takes place in the future and has him battling monsters that seek to destroy the planet, should put another feather in the British actor's cap.  I'll miss the opportunity to see him in the role of Alex Cross and the public will miss its chance to see another side of the steamy side of Alex Cross that James Patterson portrays in his novels.

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