Sunday, November 14, 2010

Newsweek and The Daily Beast Merge

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A merger between Newsweek and the Daily Beast will be announced this morning with former New Yorker and Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown at its helm, according to the New York Daily News. The New York Observer broke the news late Thursday night, which Brown confirmed on her Web site. "The union of The Daily Beast and Newsweek magazine finally took place with a coffee-mug toast between all parties Tuesday evening," wrote Brown, who helped launch the reporting and opinion site the Daily Beast in 2008. "The final details were only hammered out last night." Speculation about the merger has swirled for weeks, with the deal seeming to hang by a thread as Brown wrestled for more editorial control from Newsweek owner Sidney Harman, 91, who bought the ailing news magazine in August for $1. Brown wrote of her desire to work with Harman to "restore Newsweek to its glory days" and infuse the older publication with some of the "new creative energy" that has helped draw 5 million unique visits per month to the Beast, according to Brown.


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Monday, November 8, 2010

Meghan McCain Blasts Bristol Palin

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"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Bristol Palin reportedly was so busy rehearsing that she didn't vote in the recent election. The daughter of former Gov. Sarah Palin was apologetic to her mom, though.

The 20-year-old daughter of former Gov. Sarah Palin, who is in L.A. competing on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, told Inside Edition she forgot to send in her "absentee ballot in Alaska. I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, Mom!"

Meghan McCain is slamming Bristol Palin for not voting in Tuesday's elections. Appearing on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, McCain, 26 said, "If you didn't vote in my family that was like bad news. I've been voting since I turned 18."

Ripping on Palin, she added, "I guess it's only important for Bristol Palin to vote for Dancing With the Stars. I think a lot of women worked really hard to give us the right to vote. Anyone that doesn't vote is just ridiculous."

Just because she didn't vote, Palin still has opinions on politics: She thinks her mom should run for president in 2012. "I know that she's great and she'd be great for our country," she said.

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