Monday, June 6, 2011

Psychologist Fired For "Why Black women Are Less Attractive"

A psychologist has been fired from his blogger post at Psychology Today and had his profile page deleted by the company's website after posting a "study" blog stating "Why All Black Women Are Less Attractive."

Satoshi Kanazawa, also employed by the London School of Economics, recent posting of an unfounded blog stating, "black women are rated less attractive than other women," received disdain from hoards of angry people, not just black women.

His "scientific analysis" of black women's inferior beauty is based on the opinions of unidentified "interviewers" and their entirely subjective standards of beauty.

Having some men in white coats rate the attractiveness of a handful of women on a scale of 1-5 resembles a glorified version of the game "hot or not", not some serious attempt at engaging the scientific method.

My question is How was Kanazawa allowed to spew his hateful message about "racial inferiority". Psychology Today's attempt to generate attention and profit backfired resulting in a so called "apology". Never mind the fact that the publication damaged its credibility.

Source: The Grio Blog, Lori Adelman

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