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Falsely Imprisoned 18 Years-Denied Compensation

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Wrongly convicted, Anthony Graves spent 18 years in Texas prison, 14 of which he spent on Death row. The prosecutor's office decided to dismiss the murder charges they originally filed sgainst Graves, instead of retrying him all over again and finding him innocent.  That decision and two missing words caused Anthony Graves $1.4 million dollars in compensation.

The words "actual innocence" were not included in the judge's order that secured Graves' release from prison.Thus, the Comptroller's office decided the omission means that Graves gets zero dollars even though the prosecutor, judge and defense all agreed at trial Graves is innocent. Texas Governor Rich Perry says Graves is not eligible for a pardon because he is no longer accused or convicted of any crime.

Burleson County District Attorney William Parham "declined to sign an order asking District Judge Reva Towslee Corbett to amend Graves' order of release to include the words 'actual innocence'. If Graves sues the state of Texas in civil court, tort laws there limit any compensation to $200,000.

The state of Texas has paid more thsn $30 million dollars to 67 wrongfully imprisoned Texans. Although $1.4 million dollars would not ake up for the loss of freedon for most of his adult life, Anthony Graves should be the 68th wrongly imprisoned person compensated according to the state's formula.
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