Friday, September 16, 2011

Medal of Honor Marine Has Beer with President Obama

President Obama awarded Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer, 23, the Medal of Honor on Thursday, the highest award given to members of the armed services. He’s just the third living veteran to receive the award for service in Afghanistan or Iraq and the first living Marine to be honored since 1973.

When White House staff contacted him to arrange the ceremony, Meyer asked if he could have a beer with Obama, and the president invited him to the White House on Wednesday, Press Secretary Jay Carney said. After Carney tweeted a photo of Meyer and the President having a beer on the patio outside the Oval Office, some naysayers did not approve, calling the meeting a "photo-op". I say "so what".  The Marine asked and the Presient obliged.  End of that story!

The real story, the bravery of Corp. Meyer, should not be forgotten. Meyer saved the lives of three dozen U.S. and Afghan comrades during an hours-long battle with the Taliban in 2009. Meyer personally killed at least eight insurgents despite taking shrapnel to his arm.

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