Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Forbes Highest Paid Entertainers-Men

Recently Forbes announced its list of Entertainment's Highest Paid Men. Mentally, pick five men that you are sure would be on this list.  Here's a few hints: only one actor..well maybe two, depending how you look at it.  There's only one sports' figure, one writer, and one radio personality. Look out for surprises! Here we go.

Tyler Perry Tops List

  • Tyler Perry-$130 Million
  • Jerry Bruckheimer-$113 Million
  • Steven Spielberg-$107 Million
  • Elton John-$100 Million
  • Simon Cowell-$90 Million
  • James Patterson-$84 Million
  • Dr. Phil McGraw-$89 Million
  • Leonardo DiCaprio-$77 Million
  • Howard Stern-$76 Million
  • Tiger Woods-$75 Million
How did you do?  Were you surprised? Hope you had fun!

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