Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Trivia Quiz

1. What NFL team has won the most Super Bowl games to date?

2. What NFL team/s have lost the most Super Bowl games so far?

3. What NFL Super Bowl XXXVIII half-time musical entertainer experienced a notoriously replayed wardrobe malfunction during her performance?

4. Which NFL franchise is the last Wild Card team to win a Super Bowl?

5. Which two NFL teams played in the very first Super Bowl game?

6. Who led the crowd in reciting America's "Pledge of Allegiance" for NFL Super Bowl III in Miami? (Hint: The answer is a group of people, not a single individual.)

7. Which NFL team holds the records for scoring the most touchdowns in a single NFL Super Bowl game?

8. Which Super Bowl win successfully wrapped up a completely undefeated season for one NFL team?

9. Which city has hosted the NFL Super Bowl more than any other city in the United States?

10. Which Super Bowl game featured an NFL team, playing in its own home stadium?

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowl games and lost three.

2. This dubious honor is shared by three NFL teams. The Buffalo Bills, The Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings have each lost four Super Bowl games. Buffalo actually lost four Super Bowl games in a row.

3. Janet Jackson played a precarious peek-a-book with co-performer Justin Timberlake during the 2004 Super Bowl, broadcast live on CBS TV, when the New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers (32-29) in Houston.

4. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007, beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII after advancing to the big game as a Wild Card team.

5. The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs (35-10) in the first Super Bowl, playing in Los Angeles in 1967.

6. The astronauts of the "Apollo 8" space mission led the "Pledge of Allegiance" for Super Bowl III, having recently completed the first manned flight to orbit the Moon.

7. The San Francisco Forty Niners scored eight touchdowns against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV, held in New Orleans in 1990. The Giants beat the Broncos (55-10).

8. In 1973, The Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins (14-7) in Super Bowl VII in Los Angeles, becoming the only team in NFL history (to date) to finish an entire season (and post-season) without a single loss.

9. Miami leads the Super Bowl host cities, at least so far, having welcomed football's biggest game nine times.

10. None. As of 2011, no NFL team has ever played in the Super Bowl in its own home stadium.

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