Saturday, July 14, 2012

Did You Know: Presidential Firsts

Everyone is focused on Election 2012, wondering who will be the next occupant of the White House. Take a breather from the current political chatter and look at some presidential history featuring ten former presidents.

#2-John Adams
First president to live in the White House

#3- Thomas Jefferson
First president inaugurated in Washington D. C.

#8-Martin Van Buren
First president to be born a U. S. citizen
(His predecessors were born British colonial subjects)

#9-William Henry Harrison
Shortest presidential term
(Harrison died of pneumonia after serving 32 days in office)

#10-John Tyler
First Vice President to assume office when a sitting President died
(Tyler had no Vice-President after becoming President)

#11- James K. Polk
First president to retire after a single term

#16-Abraham Lincoln
First president born outside the original 13 colonies
(Born Hardin County Ky)

#20-James A. Garfield
First president to be assassinated
(Vice President Chester A. Arthur assumed office as 21st President)

#22-Grover Cleveland
First president to serve two non-consecutive terms ( #22/#24)

#28-Woodrow Wilson
Only president with a PH. D

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