Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bullying Epidemic, But No Consequences

Two young people chose life over death after "acquaintances" made life unbearable.

Rutger's University student Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his room mate Dharum Ravi streamed video of his sexual tryst on the internet. Thirteen year old Seth Walsh took his life by hanging himself from a tree after repeated bullying by classmates.
 Clementi’s death marks the fifth suicide by a gay teen in the past month. Justin Aaberg, openly gay and just 15, committed suicide after being bullied in school. Billy Lucas, also 15 wasn’t out, but was mercilessly bullied in school. He hanged himself. Asher Brown, 13, who told his parents he was gay the morning he shot himself in the head, was also bullied. And Seth Walsh, also just 13, hanged himself after suffering from years of bullying.
There's something wrong in a society where no action can be taken against folks who bully others resulting in death.  Guess it only works if the person being bullyed kills the person making their life miserable.
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