Monday, September 27, 2010

"Sister Wives" Take Center Stage

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown

Last night I watched the first offering of TLC's "Sister Wives".  Don't ask me why, but I thought I might learn something about the women who accept polygomy as their life style of choice. Chalk it up to curiosity.

Polygamist Kody Brown is the show's husband to three wives and father of thirteen children. I could understand why Kody never stopped grinning as the head of a plural family, but I never understood the upbeat wives and children.  Everyone seemed accepting of the unorthodox communal life and no one addressed the emotional stress or financial burdens in a family trying to meet the needs of seventeen individuals. As the show progressed, we find that Kody is "courting" another woman who he has selected to be wife number four.  The new wife -to-be has three children of her own to bring to the family relationship.

It may be interesting to watch as this nationally broadcast reality show progresses, just to see if all the smiles continue from day to day. Somehow it was hard for me to believe the “unexpectedly tight-knit and loving relationships between Kody’s wives” that TLC presented. Time will tell if normal human disagreements, jealousy, and dissatisfaction prevail and are addressed or if the boring family of unnaturally happy faces continues.
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